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Reasons To Fall in Love With Printed Cotton Bed Sheets

Reasons To Fall in Love With Printed Cotton Bed Sheets

Have you spent some nights in your life twisting and turning, restless due to the rough and scratchy bed sheet under you?

We all have, atleast at one point in our life. Rough bed sheets made up of low quality materials often cause allergies and abrasions to the skin, which results in an unsound sleep. This takes a toll on us both mentally and physically. We are easily annoyed and feel lethargic throughout the day.

Royal Garden Bed sheets


SEJ to the rescue! Today we’ll describe what is the best material for a printed bed sheet and why it is cotton.

Is that new bed sheet that you so love and bought just 4 days ago causing skin rashes and irritation? Well you should probably dive into online shopping in Pakistan and choose a premium printed bed sheet. Why, you ask? Because it has several health benefits.

A good laugh and a long sleep can be a cure for anything

Since printed cotton bed sheets are light and soft like a cloud, you can snooze for hours on end and ensure that you have a happy morning. You can go for blue or white shades in scorching summers to give yourself a reprieve from the dazzling sunlight.

Something to keep you cool

Summers in Pakistan can be very punishing. Thus you need something that keeps you cool and breezy. It keeps the temperature relatively cooler than other materials that tend to be a bit warm. Premium printed bed sheets in Pakistan are definitely a good idea.

Imaginative Prints

Getting home from work all tired and stressed, you must need an ultimate relaxation, and what better way than to lie down on the bed and feel all that stress and tension flowing out of you. All that is made better with the perfect bed sheet to accompany you.


Nerine bed sheets


A perfectly coordinated bedroom will help you feel relaxed.

Bed sheets usually come in two design choices - printed and plain.

When you decide to opt for the printed bed sheet designs the first thing that springs to mind is that an intricate print is only as beautiful as the fabric it’s printed on.

Easy to clean

Most of the time it is a chore to wash those big heavy sheets you’ve got at your home, and you mostly avoid washing them regularly. Do you know that you should wash your bed sheet once a week to keep it fresh and stay healthy? Bed sheets are a very common habitat for bed bugs and mites which can cause painful sores. But if you go the route of printed cotton bed sheets they’re easy to wash and change and you don't even have to do it by hand! How amazing is that?

Where to find premium printed bed sheets online?

Printed bed sheets manufactured at SEJ excel on the parameters of beauty and durability. They last long and maintain their quality over time.

Our bed sheets are unique as they have exclusive designs, appealing prints and the best material possible.

Our bed sheets will make your bedroom sparkle and the designs will catch your eye every time. And you don’t even have to worry about going out in these perilous times, you can always get these bed sheets online in Pakistan.

SEJ has a 15-day exchange and return policy with no questions asked! So head over to our bedding section now to make your bedroom unique.

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