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Enter a Realm of Rewards with Sej Loyalty Program

Sej Loyalty Program invites you to an exclusive members-only experience, where every purchase of your home accessories earns you points. These points can be redeemed for exclusive member discounts and prizes. Each point in the Sej Loyalty Program holds a value equivalent to 1 PKR.

Get Milestone Rewards on Every Purchase

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Welcome to Sej Loyalty Program! With every purchase, you unlock milestone rewards. For every even transaction, earn 7 points for every 100 PKR spent. Redeem these rewards towards your next purchases and enjoy the perks of being a Sej member.

Birthday and Anniversary Coupons

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As a member of Sej Loyalty program  you will receive special 50 Points  on your birthday and on your enrollment anniversary with bata. These vouchers are received 15 days before the event. These vouchers can only be redeemed on transactions above 4000PKR.

Spend More, Get More!

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Welcome to the Sej Loyalty Program! For every 100 PKR spent, you'll earn 7 points, each valued at 1 PKR. As you spend, you'll save for the future. Remember, redemptions occur in multiples of 100 points, so aim to accumulate at least 100 points to start redeeming your rewards.

Enrollment and Profile Completion Benefits

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You can join Sej Official by either requesting the customer support team to add your contact number to the program or by registering on our website. Upon joining, you'll automatically receive 50 points, requiring no additional effort on your part. Enjoy the benefits right from the start!

How to become a member online?

Sej Loyalty Program


To join the Sej loyalty program online, simply register on our website by providing your name, mobile number, and email address. We highly recommend opting in to receive our marketing updates so you can stay informed about vouchers and other promotions.


Once registered, a confirmation SMS and email will be sent to your provided number, confirming the successful completion of the registration process.


To enjoy the benefits and gain visibility of your rewards, sign in to your account.

Note: You can also register in-store.


Sej Loyalty Programs FAQ’s

What are the benefits of joining the Sej Loyalty Program?

By joining the Sej Loyalty Program, you unlock a host of benefits every step of the journey. Enjoy a welcome bonus, birthday coupons, enrollment anniversary rewards, and much more. Plus, with your Sej Loyalty Program membership, exchanging or returning products is hassle-free – no need to present a receipt.

What information do I need to give you to join the Sej Loyalty Program?

To become a part of the Sej loyalty program, simply provide your name and either your email address or mobile phone number. Upon registration, you'll instantly receive 50 bonus Loyalty Points as a welcome gift.

How do I use my Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points can be utilized for redemption, but only in increments of 100 points. Each Loyalty Point holds a value equivalent to 7 PKR. Only the points currently available in your account are eligible for redemption. You can redeem these points online by signing in while placing your order.

How do I collect Loyalty Points?

For every 100 PKR spent at Sej Loyalty program, you receive 7 Loyalty Point. You can also collect Loyalty Points by being an active member of the Sej Loyalty program: fill feedback form each time and shop more!

How do I update my profile?

Sign in on pksejonline.com - go to edit profile and answer all the questions.

How do I check my point status?

Sign in on pksejonline.com and check Point Status.